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louis vuitton hud 92006

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    louis vuitton hud 92006

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    Reporter : What is your current fake " Antarctica" is intended to do ? Outside there is an argument to say that you are the representative of " Antarctica" competitors to " Antarctica" to fight, how do you see for this argument ?Wang : I am this thing is not the person , if it is not happening today , " Antarctica" , but what other manufacturers , like me, still fake . louis vuitton code 92012 But these are all two-dimensional code basically phased introduction , and the results are not satisfactory.Although technology can support scan code for shopping, but the two-dimensional code is a greater degree of marketing channels .The service sector in the local life , the two-dimensional code can also be used as evidence consumer spending from online to book the next line.In addition, some consumers are familiar and popular brand is the proliferation of fake high-risk zone.

    " in an interview , some industry insiders believe that electronic business platform to fight against fake goods is not no way to be found.He believes that in the next period of time, two-dimensional code will become one of the mobile Internet portal , in addition to currently used APP downloads , interactive marketing , micro-channel account features, two-dimensional code will be more suitable for personal business cards, product information , mobile shopping and other fields.According to preliminary police estimates , there are about the case involving the value of two million yuan , about three profit 300,000 to 500,000 yuan . But these are all two-dimensional code basically phased introduction , and the results are not satisfactory.Billion state power network noted that a growing number of brand advertising will be accompanied by a two-dimensional code , go directly to the product detail page or brand stores after scanning.For transactions involving direct two-dimensional code application scenarios billion state power network summarizes the following four main ways :First, the line virtual store Shop No.

    louis vuitton 80% sale In this regard , e-commerce watchers Luzhen Wang to the "Daily Economic News" , told reporters that if the electricity supplier website to take a grueling found a tough attitude , then fake issues were not insurmountable ." Because of the electronic business platform Taobao intense " bargain " competition , some shops will sell mixed with genuine sources , many consumers even after the fakes are difficult to find.Customers in the network market , the collapse of the industry reshuffle in 2012 spread to a large group buying site , Groupon collapse , F Gao Peng mergers and acquisitions group , go to the market to buy channels realized outsourcing network traffic , love to help network regression local search .Just last week, the company has launched the Antarctic limited sales of a dollar a day fixed set of thermal underwear activities within Beijing a number of large shopping malls .Obviously, Suning Tesco to the game as an important task , but the problem is that Suning Tesco you do not own the game flow , and does not need the money ( finance 4.

    louis vuitton monogram The current B2B e-commerce is still a mainstay , affected the overall e-commerce transaction size also appears slowdown .From this point , said Jingdong and Dangdang If you really do not make money, then it is obvious that in order to make sensibilities, nothing more soothing to investors .Luxury deal size increased by 58% year on year data show that Chinas luxury online shopping market size in 2010 reached 6.


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