? Replica comme des garcons moncler outlook

Replica comme des garcons moncler outlook

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    Activities will employ industry pundits and experts to the jury , according to the companies recommend or introduce ourselves to report enrollment of employees, and employees of different according to each job , a comprehensive analysis of their work quality , professionalism and job skills , and ultimately produce annually the award-winning staff that is " person of the Year " winner .6 million, representing an increase of 160 million yuan last years inventory turnover by over 60 %. moncler kardashian kids collection Despite the worldwide luxury market has shrunk , but the Chinese market has bucked the market trend , to maintain a strong growth of 22% , luxury goods giants have the strategic policy toward China.To keep pace with the Chinese garment industry and talent development , to reflect the new situation China apparel industry "people-oriented " development strategy , the importance of human resources in the development of Chinas garment industry highlight , China National Garment Association hereby held " Chinese clothing Person of the Year contest , " to the nation wide to battle , assembled in 2012 aimed at Chinas most mundane but excellent " example of heroes .Few fashion scene clothing, soft fabrics and graceful "traditional " word link.

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